Lovely is what I go by let me begin by saying I am a witch I know you are probably thinking that I need help however I’m being as honest as I know how to be I found out I had powers when I was 16 now I’m going to tell you my story…One winter night me and my little sister was walking home we were 10 minutes late we both just knew that we were in alot of when we opened the door daddy was waiting for us he really surprised us he didn’t yell however he was kinda nervous he said!!lovely dear me and your mother really need to have a few words with you? MY MOTHER Walked in and she kissed me on the forehead she said now sweetie me and your father need to explain something to you…see your great grandma ruby she was a very special person she was a witch and so are you my love we couldn’t tell you until now its in the book…I was shocked I couldn’t believe it I thought TO my self someone pinch me wake me up from this dream then I snapped back to reality im really a witch mama! I replied and with a soft whisper she said yes honeytimezone